Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Waiting.The pain in my chest.
Heart pounding, blood pressure spiking.
Peace, a fairytale almost forgotten.

Waiting. Moments that stand still.
Watching minutes tick with glacial speed.
Work, piled as concentration wanes.

Waiting. Mind obsessed with possibilities.
Hoping the universe knows.
Home, that place of neither here, nor there.

Waiting. Clash of emotions.
Laughing at the anxiety and dread.
Anonymous, undefined by the in-between.

Waiting. Sleep is a lost friend.
Fought with, and make-up sessions fail.
Medicated, only makes her more angry.

Waiting. Cleanliness surrounds me.
Sense of loss and loneliness.
Sterile, this place is not familiar.

Waiting. Friends promise goodness.
Doubt, uncertainty looms larger than hope.
Unwritten, new chapter, blank pages.

Waiting. Out of my hands.
Ran, and passed the baton.
Cheering, my invisible relay team.

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