Friday, June 6, 2014


First time I've posted a video on my blog.
First time I delivered a closing keynote.
First time I've done Spoken Word poetry.
First time I ever memorized a poem so quickly.
First time I admitted to a massive screw-up in a speech.
First time I was proud of a screw-up and my recovery.
First time I used a story (& picture) of my daughter in a public setting.
First time I had a team of people who supported me through this.

First times that will not be the last times.


  1. Very nice presentation. The same demands that you face from the "Ivory Towers" with the same limitations are present in industry as well. I looked at the keynote from EduSoCal 13 and found that portions of the talk were exactly what we are trying to implement in our corporate training culture. I am going to ask permission to use parts of his talk in our introduction to training that we provide new employees.