Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So in the quiet of the last month (that is: the absence of my public writings), a thousand "bloggable" events took place.  Time, always being in short supply, once again dictated that I work on projects when they are due without much time for error.  Within a span of 48 hours, a poem and speech was written, another 48 hours and it was mostly memorized.  The delivery came at EduSoCal'14, a Higher Education Information Technology event I am proud to be a co-founder of and one we hosted at my University campus.

I goofed a little. I forgot a stanza in the poem that, frankly, I really liked. And I admitted on stage in front of a hundred plus people.  No one (except my patient and lovely coach) would have even noticed, but I did.

I am not sure why I decided to admit it, but it actually was the most natural thing for me to do. Being authentic even when no one else will know the difference, is vital to who I am and who I want to be. Pretending to be okay with an unacceptable situation, when I'm not; acting like I was perfect when I screwed up; covering up a mistake with post-editing, just isn't who I am.

I have been oscillating between kicking myself and being proud of myself - for the admitting part (the actual screw up - I'm kicking myself!). Am I to appear so polished to the world? Or is it more important to be real?

Clearly, there are times when we all have to "suck it up," be professional, and let it go. And this was not about those things - this was about me bring true to who I am. If I cannot accept my own shortcomings, then why should others?

I'm working on honing my brand (Thanks, Dorie Clark), and being true to that brand. And I want to remain genuine, true, and honest. The person you meet on this blog is the person you will meet face-to-face.

I choose to be authentic. Video of speech coming soon.

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