Tuesday, April 8, 2014


After a week in Maui, the little one's internal clock is seriously off and getting her to sleep is proving to be a nightmare. Nearly four hours after bedtime, she pulls every trick in the "Toddler's Handbook" and some new ones. She begs for milk, throws the "I'm hungry" cry, uses the potty multiple times; there is no excuse left untested. She is scared of the bear, the dresser, the shadows.

So when a very frustrated and tired Mama is trying to work on her broken computer downstairs, and a tired Dada is awaken again by the little one, there is little sympathy. Dad stumbled downstairs to get a drink, and mom instructs the kid back to bed again.

"Dada," she cries, "there are bugs on your floor!" Seriously kid, this is a new trick.

"No, Honey," I call.  I try to be sweet, but patience left about three hours ago, "Go back to bed. There are no bugs."

A half-asleep father stumbles back up the stairs to prove to the kid there truly are no bugs.

A scream follows, "She's right!"

In the darkness of our bedroom, a dozen nasty American cockroaches scurry across the floor. Like a scene out of a bad science-fiction movie, the light floods the room and they look for places to hide. Under our bed, in the clothes, anywhere that the piercing light won't find them.

The remodel of our Master Bath has brought many surprises, this is just another one of them. These are not those little black cockroaches, these are the 2 inch nasty brown ones, and they came, unfortunately, from the unplugged toilet drain.

A can of RAID, a powerful shop vacuum, countless expletives, and one hour later - the bugs seem to be gone. But shaking the feeling of those things crawling on us during the night would take a bit longer.

Needless to say, the three of us slept on the sofa couch together. One of those "sleepless" nights of mine...

Today's Lessons:

1) Make sure all drains are sealed properly during construction.
2) Trust the toddler. Their eyes are closer to the ground. And they don't lie.

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