Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Love L.A.

10 Reasons I Love Living in LA - 2014, Series #1 (Jan-March)

1. Started the year off at the beach, with friends on a lovely sunny day.
2. Enjoyed Disneyland 3 times and the Long Beach Aquarium at 2 times.
3. Devoured a Spoken Word Poetry event with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, with only 100 others.
4. Dinner with important famous people who don't care that I'm not important or famous.
5. Ran all winter long in the park, with 60-70 degree weather, while the rest of the world froze...
6. Sat in the presence of greatness with Emily Bear, an amazing 13 year old pianist, in an intimate concert of about 80 people.
7. Went to a hysterical Drag Queen show for a Sunday brunch with 13 gay male friends.
8. Watched a great classic play, Music Man, with a great classic actor, Davis Gaines.
9. Drove to the mountains for the weekend (a mere 90 mins away) - so my daughter could enjoy her first snow.

And today...

10. Going to an exclusive Coldplay concert at Sony Studios.

I love L.A.

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