Monday, May 20, 2013

Love is a Choice

Love is a choice, a thousand times a day
In small and subtle ways

Choose Silence, not Language
When words themselves cause more damage

Choose Laughter, not Annoyance
When your partner forgets that “thing again”

Choose Freedom, not Chores
When the responsibilities pile up

Choose Adventure, not a Rut
When the old thing is producing the old results

Choose Memories, not Lenses
When the camera gets in the way

Choose Flexibility, not Rigidity
When the plans change for another time

Love is a choice, a thousand times a day
In crazy and insignificant ways

Choose Food, not a Diet
When your partner really needs to eat

Choose Giggles, not Embarrassment
When you trip and fall down

Choose Smores, not Veggies
When life needs a little pick me up

Choose Mountains, not City
When you feel the crowds closing in

Choose Music, not Doldrums
When the silence is unbearable

Choose Puzzles, not Riddles
When the games are being played

Love is a choice, a thousand times a day
In passionate and romantic ways

Choose Time, not Presents
When making up for misgivings

Choose to Remember, not Forget
When special days appear on the calendar

Choose Beauty, not Monochrome
When the colors all seem to fade

Choose Dancing, not Sidelines
When the music starts to play

Choose Patience, not Annoyance
When nothing seems to go right

Choose Dreams, not Reality
When reality gets in the way

Love is a choice, a thousand times a day
In vital and meaningful ways

Choose Humility, not Bragging
When your partner is wrong, once again

Choose Respect, not Demands
When your timing doesn’t match up

Choose Bravery, not Fear
When the unknown stares you in the face

Choose Encouragement, not Ridicule
When your partner has another crazy idea

Choose Breathing, not Huffing
When the wind gets knocked out of you

Choose Moments, not Decades
When trying to capture your plans

(Written for my dear friends: The Yodsukars, married May 19, 2013)

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