Monday, June 28, 2010


Inspiration. A teary commercial, a stunning photograph, a quirky movie, a motivational speaker, a soft-spoken handwritten poem, Post Secret postcards, watching the reality show of building a home for a well-deserving family, listening to the human NPR stories of triumph and bravery, and ah, how weak am I!

Inspiration. An endless stream of inputs and I am overwhelmed. Inspired, but buried as the weight is too much to carry.

Inspiration. Peter Cetera is singing in my head, and yes, I think I may have even been inspired by the love of a boy or two.

Inspiration. Funny, the name of the first faculty technology center I built, was "Inspired InSite". The name was obvious, it was the place on campus for you to be inspired and gain insight with technology for teaching. I still like that name.

Inspiration. Little would the world know how many blogs I write a day, how inspired I am to share, and how odd that so few of those words end up here.

Inspiration. At least a dozen times each day, I am challenged to be better, to do better, and to do more.

Inspiration. The question is really how do I inspire those around me.

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