Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

In this off the "beaten path" blog, I am going to introduce you to some music you need to hear, some words you need to read, and a band you need to know. While the world spins at its normal pace, my life seems to be spinning a bit faster than I can handle as of late, and my absence in writing has not been for a lack of material (which I will be hopefully sharing soon). But timeliness is a key element of blogging, and this one is destined to be timely.

Tomorrow, March 2, marks the release of the fifth album by Lifehouse, Smoke and Mirrors. I have followed this band before they were truly a band... I have attended every concert leg, seeing them in probably 20 shows, traveling and cheering them on from all angeles. I love the simplicity, the sound, the passion, but alas, it is the lyrics that keep me coming back and this new album has it all and it is a must for your collection.

Lifehouse has a sound that is inspired by U2, The Beatles, and Pearl Jam. But they have their own unique sound and several songs on this album exemplify their own classic sound and verse. "It Is What It Is" is a song about recognizing a relationship is at impasse, and the nothingness that lies ahead. The song "From Where You Are" was originally written as an elegy to a young life lost in an auto accident used in an Allstate teen driving campaign - but I can barely listen to it as images of my cousin Eric flash through my mind.

Jason Wade writes passionate, soaring, yet close to the heart lyrics as exemplified on the hit "Halfway Gone" and "All In". A few unique songs "Nerve Damage" and "Near Life Experience" make for a full complement of emotions. But I will leave the other songs for another blog!

As a current member of the Lifehouse Street Team, but also someone who was there in the beginning, I'm doing my part in sharing this news with you: Smoke and Mirrors is now available at stores and for download - it is my pick for top album of 2010!

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