Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rabbi's Wisdom

Today, North Hollywood was rattled by the shooting of two Jewish men as they were entering the Adat Yeshurun Valley Sephardic synagogue for worship. Although the two men were not fatally injured, there was fear and panic this morning as the unknown assailant was loose, and the motive and extent of the crime were undetermined.

The Deputy Chief of Los Angeles Police was addressing the media and spelled the name of the synagogue, Adat Yeshurun, because he couldn't pronounce it. The Rabbi helped him out and pronounced it for him, and then a reported asked the Rabbi to spell it. He said, "Just like the Deputy Chief said", noting the irony of the question. The Rabbi continued, "It is a Hebrew word, you can spell it any way you want."

None of the reporters seemed to pick up on this quip, and they went along with dramatizing the morning's saga. They were asking the most dire of questions - probing for the worst case scenario.

But it was the Rabbi's attitude that caught me, his humor in the face of fear.

If we all could manage to see beyond the fear, beyond the uncertainty, simply live in the moment, and smile at the moment, what a better place this would be.

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