Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Two young men sat on the bench outside of the Business building; one looking around like a lost puppy, the other one intensely chatting on his cell phone. I am walking by heading to another meeting on this first day of the Fall semester and something made me slow down and I hear the student say, "Where are you? We are in front of the building!"

Instinctively, I looked around and within a split second had found their meeting buddy. I noticed another lone figure out of their view because a tree was in the way. I smiled and said the freshmen on the bench, "he's right there" and pointed out the other lost puppy.

They looked at me a little funny, then realized I was right, and said, "Wow, thank you!" and moved to meet the other student.

As I walked into our new library, I realized, THIS is exactly what our job is to do - as adults, and as educators - our job is to help the students see the world through the trees! Although the students had the technology to connect, they didn't stand up to find the answer standing 50 feet away! Never underestimate the ability to point our students in the right direction, sometimes, they even appreciate it.

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