Thursday, June 25, 2009

Those Parents

As the world mourns several major celebrities, parents across the world are mourning the loss of their children to the great Ivory Tower. Today, I witnessed as some of these parents voiced their concerns at a university orientation for parents...

"How do I get my son not to play video games while he is a college?"

"I am most worried about my daughter actually exploring and trying new things."

"I don't let me kids do their own laundry, so I don't know what my son will do with it."

Somehow in the recent past, parenting has seriously changed from PREPARING our children for adulthood, to PROTECTING them from adulthood. Some of these parents, grated not all, were so fearful that their students might actually grow up, to be responsible in their own way and experience life. It was so sad. And their poor kids spend more of their time trying to overcome this irrational and stifling fear. These are the kids that are so unprepared for how to even ask the right questions, because they were never taught that they are responsible for their own well-being. Rather than providing their children with the tools to live, a curiosity of what life holds, and how to maneuver that life, these parents are providing them with co-dependency skills and a helpless sense of navigating the world.

I hope never to be one of "those parents".

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