Friday, June 12, 2009

The Current State of the Tower

The ivory towers stands high, massive, glistening in the far off distance. It's three levels are distinct, each getting smaller and steeper. It is daunting to the millions of minions all around it, although most understand its place and treat it with respect. But many just ignore it, or pretend that it doesn't matter to them.

At the top of the tower, the Admins and Profs are poised and huddled in their own world. They notice little about what is happening around, on, or below the tower. Few look over the edge, and fewer still leave the tower. Although, some do have a fear that some day they might not get to stay in the tower.

The sides of the tower are covered with minions who are crawling, hanging on, struggling with the steep climb. They dodge pitfalls, cracks, and scale the side brick by brick. Some make it to the first level and are awarded. Most leave the tower at this point, and never look back.

Other minions, now B-Minions forge on scaling the wall, which is much steeper, and few of those that try even make it. They are awarded at the second level. Only those with great fortitude and sheer will, even attempt to make it to the last steepest level. Of those very few, fewer make it to the top. Most cannot make it past the final wall to the top.

There is little help along the way, but often M-Minions leave trails for others to follow, and occasionally a Prof will peek out from the top and offer a bit of advice. But it is a very lonely struggle, and it is only the bravest who make it.

After scaling the final wall, a M-Minion exhausted, dehydrated, and confused, they are welcomed into the club. Now they stay, and most do, because it is much too much work to get off of the tower. And there is no need to bother with the outside world - it is very comfortable and self-contained at the top of the tower. They are now Profs.

Unnoticed by those at the top, on one side of the tower, a few Profs, and Minions are making a bit of a mess. They have come down from the top and they are chipping away at the tower. They use every tool they can find - hammers, drills, often their own hands, to just get a piece of the tower. These rebellious ones pass the piece of the tower to the masses that surround them, and the piece gets passed around. The more minions that touch the ivory, the more that they want of the ivory.

Some of the minions realize that they too must scale the tower, so that someday they can give the ivory to others.


  1. "Some of the minions realize that they too must scale the tower, so that someday they can give the ivory to others"

    Except once they reach the pinnacle those determined minions realize that if they could do it then so can the others, and the begin to resent the thought of giving their ivory away to unmotivated minions.

  2. Great point anonymous. The key to the tower should be difficult, not easily attained, and strenuous.

    I now see the CSU granting doctorates in a variety of disciplines - bull shit. It wasn't and isn't the mission and it just erodes the earned value of the degree - shame on the CSU, shame on the system for allowing the cheapening of the hallowed system.

    To differentiate yourself in the future, you will have to become Dr. Dr. Fred Smith. Is it too late to save the fucked up institution???