Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Perfect Spot

Somewhere between the gnocchi and the vitello, I laughed and found my perfect spot sitting in San Francisco. As my friend and I alternated between memories and the current stories of the day, I savored the moment of being. At first there was a twinge of jealous, but no, it was pride, just pride, as my lifelong dear friend shared her adventures of late. Something amazing had happened and I could truly say I knew her "when" and I glowed with love and admiration.

Life, full of cycles, often brings more downs than ups. And rarely does it do justice to those that deserve it, and when it does, it must be noted and must not be missed. So my readers, I invite you all to find your Perfect Spot in San Francisco or around the world.

Those that have known you through it all and still love you should never be taken for granted.

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