Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stoned and Massaged

The smells are the best part of visiting the spa. Closely followed by the cleanliness, and well, that general feeling of peace. The world slows down when I walk through the doors of the locker room, or at least it feels like it. I adorn the clinical robe, and stupid plastic slippers (which are always too big for me). And then wait... there are a few minutes to breath, take in a little great tea or lemon water.

I love all kinds of treatments, but just the straight "stress reduction" massage keeps me going back. If I could afford it, I'd go weekly, or daily. For now, I'll settle for as often as I can. Today's massage was as wonderful as always, although it did include the hot stones which help one melt into never-never land.

Unfortunately, even in that amazingly relaxed state, my mind never stops. In fact, today I even thought about blogging about the experience (duh) during the massage. I cannot stop myself from oscillating between the relaxation and the muscles that are being worked on, to the sounds in the room, what I need to do after the appointment, and the eternal list that runs in my brain. I have the same problem in yoga, or trying to sleep at night... My brain never seems to shut off.

I've been told that you get better at relaxing the more you do it, but I seem to be failing miserably at it. So, I'll just take those sweet 10 second breaks during a massage when my mind is at peace with the world. I think today those breaks added up to about 10 minutes. I smile.

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  1. Ah, not only sounds wonderful (haven't had a massage in over a year!) but I more than understand the impossibility of turning my mind off. When focusing, I can be "in the moment", but no matter the spiritual practice, I can't ever seem to just turn it all off. The agony of being over-analytical! Love you...