Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jury Duty - The Case

I am called. Juror #6.

Questions after question, I remain. Dismissal, after dismissal, I remain.

I honestly answer the questions. Maybe too honest; I figure i will get dismissed. I remain.

More than 20 people dismissed. I remain.

We are sworn in - it is a serious undertaking, a bit daunting. I'm on a jury!

The judge reads through a notebook of instructions. Prosecution puts on her case, defense counter-attacks. As serious as it is, the jury wonders why we are even there, why these charges were brought, and how many times the f' word can be said in court.

The specifics really don't matter. There are two sides to every story and we hear both - completely opposite accounts. I take 30 pages of notes, quoting and highlighting the stated facts.

Two and a half days of testimony. Nine witnesses, 2 phone calls, and a dozen photographs later, both sides rest.

And now for the fun part. For almost three days, I have stayed silent. I know, I know, amazing feat. Silent about the facts of the case, silent about my thoughts, and silent about my opinions. Now we get to talk.

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