Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Blog is Dead?

An article in the November issue of Wired is titled "Kill Your Blog", and proceeds to examine how "micro-blogging" is taking over and is the best way to communicate now. "Thinking about launching your own blog? Here's some friendly advice: Don't. And if you've already got one, pull the plug" are the great words from this supposedly forward looking magazine.

I take issue with this. Obviously, I am quite behind in my blog writing, as a new job, the elections, and general life seems to have gotten in the way. A stranger recently let me know that she had read my blog; this reinvigorated me, because I thought it was just my three friends who read this (you know who you are).

A blog has a seriously different purpose than a micro-blog and while we may not call it a "blog" in a few years, the need for an expanded method of sharing one's ideas will not go away. We cannot and will not simply find that our ideas can all be forced into 140 characters or quick blurbs. Brevity is not everything - clarity is often more important.

Identifying the truth within "blogs" (or any website for that matter) is clearly a tricky task. And this is obviously, where we as educators are desperately needed. One needs to only see how the news media is so quickly and easily mislead, and continues to mislead the masses - Check out and make your own decisions.

Words are powerful movers, and vital to changing the world. In this world of visual cues, digital representations of everything, video clips and podcasts, and over emphasizing on instant information, I would like to see that simple prose is still a central part of mental processing, critical thinking, and of course, enjoyment.

I refuse to kill my blog. But offer a renewed vow to keep it up, even if there are only three (or maybe four) of you reading it!


  1. Thinking about reading "Wired"? Here's some friendly advice: don't!

  2. It is NOT dead! Live on, oh, blogs! There may be an overdose of them out there, but that doesn't mean they're all irrelevant, just as writing and journaling will never be irrelevant. We know that better than anyone, right? Queen journalers as we have been. Can't wait to see you soon!