Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chapter One

My license plate proudly states "Chaptr 1". The life motto goes unrecognized by most people, and perhaps it is why I need the daily reminder. The bellman at the hotel recently inquired about it, and I asked him what he thought it meant. He looked at me and shrugged, "Maybe something to do with the Bible?" I smiled.

Chapter One. It is not the first chapter of this book, nor the chapter of any book. It is not religious in nature, however, it does have a bit of spiritually to it. It all began with a miserable day, a miserable few months actually, where life seemed like it couldn't get any worse and it just kept getting worse. These months we have all had, and I was in the middle of it, struggling to make any sense of it all. And somehow, like it often does, music plays a role in my recovery or rather, my discovery of life. A favorite band put out a song called, "Chapter One" which lines simply state "And if the world should fall apart, hold on to what you know. Take your chances, turn around and go."

And I did. I made the hardest decisions in my life (not that they were the best decisions) and I survived. But the song did something more than become a favorite, it became a life motto.

Today is my chapter one. It is the beginning. It is my chance to start over and begin it, again. It may have some leftover junk left over from yesterday, but it is a new day and a new start. It is always Chapter One.

If I look at tomorrow as begin Chapter Two, then I will always be trying to plan for the next moment. And that implies that there is end to my life and my book. And if you live with the only the end in sight, it is miserable. Scary and miserable.

So, as I begin this Chapter One of my life and I write down the odd, the interesting, sometimes funny, but mostly the familiar feelings that we all struggle with, I remember that is not what is going to happen with these stories that matters. It is that I lived this, I recorded it, and I was willing to share it. Somehow my Chapter One will inspire one other person to be a bit better and then it is all worth it.


  1. Hi!

    I like this motto of yours. I think Kevin Kelly's "I am four years old" also embraces a part of this. ;-) I hope today is still Chapter One for you!

    Peace and Harmony,

  2. Glad I finally took the time to read the meaning of your public license plate statement. Hope your Chapter One Day is just that today - a new beginning, a fresh new beginning.