Saturday, September 27, 2008


Balance. Stand on one firmly planted foot, weight distributed to that side, carefully lift the opposite leg and wrap arms around the knee. Breathe and hold…. And then do this in life.

Balance is running and relaxing. Balance is between responsibility and irresponsibility. Balance is changing the world and maintaining your own needs. Balance is holding on and letting go.

Balance is recognizing the good and changing the bad. Balance is finding the world does not operate in extremes but in equilibrium. We each possess a scale. We balance our personal and our public lives. We balance the dialectical opposites of emotions, wants, and needs.

The Pacific Ocean waves wash up against the west Maui shoreline, and balance is the image that continues to resonate within me.

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  1. I so believe in balance - how crucial it is to a healthy life. Yet finding it is like walking a tightrope: just a precarious and just as elusive at times. Especially for a passionate nature like myself, I seek to keep passion and intensity, while also finding balance, temperance, a holistic approach. Thanks for your thoughts, Crista. I love to read them.