Saturday, August 23, 2008

A wedding, a funeral, and a...

... stroke, an earthquake, (not to mention the Olympics...), my last few weeks have been plagued with reminders, both great and small, that life is so precious and short. As I hurried to pick up a friend from the airport yesterday morning, and feeling a bit under the weather, I reached for a t-shirt. I rummaged through the stack in a daze until I found the one that says "Alive" on it. (It happens to be the band Lifehouse's shirt, but that was beside the point.) I just wanted the reminder that indeed, I am alive, to stay with me.

I am alive. And my apparent inability to write on this website is not a failure on my part, but a matter of priorities. I think of all of the teens and college students who faithfully update their social networking sites. Is it that they have less responsibilities? I doubt that is true for most of them. It is matter of what is important to them. How connected to the world they want to be? Often times we, the adult responsible types, spend so much time being pushed by the world that we forgot that we do have control.

When I was 16, I complained to a youth leader of mine that I didn't have enough time to do everything that was being asked of me. His words have stuck with me forever, "You always make time to do what you want to do." What we fail to see is that most of our moments are choices, that not everything has to get done (household chores really can be left at the bottom of the list!), and that we have the ability to shape our days, rather than being shaped by them.

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